Haunted Ireland

Yorkgate Railway Station

,  303 York Street, Belfast, BT15 1JA

A haunted railway station! They’re the best. Ever since I saw Sapphire and Steel’s The Railway Station, I’ve been a sucker for these.  Here a ghost sits at night in the station’s canteen, another (or is it the same one got a bit bored of sitting?) lurks in the stations running sheds. Apparently he is the ghost of a murdered railway employee beaten and left to die in a robbery. Night staff hear footsteps going all night long.


Charleville Castle, Co Offaly, Ireland.
Charleville was another place we used to go to a lot. I loved going there because the owners were so welcoming. The food was indifferent, the plumbing appalling, but the people were wonderful. I remember spending a lovely Halloween there in one of the tower rooms – a round stone room like something out of Disney, with a log fire burning in the grate, their black dog Jack loaned to us and lying in front of the fire, a bottle of wine and my family beside me. No ghosts that night.
The owner O’Bonne tells the story of how when her son was young he went missing – the place is vast – she panicked and started looking for him but when she found him she said that he told her not to worry – the little boy and girl were looking after him.

I remember one time I went to the toilet. It wasn’t too late – and I nearly stepped on something. I thought it was a cat but there was actually nothing there.
There was a story of a girl falling down the huge staircase. One particular time at Halloween (I had a lot of Halloweens in those years) we had a big group of people so I’d brought two mediums. I set them off in opposite directions and they wandered round with a group each. Very oddly they both independently reported seeing a girl on the stairs at exactly the same place though they had not conversed with each other (in fact they hated one another but that’s another story).
There are supposed to be ghostly druids there but I never saw any.