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Dracula in London

Dracula in London Place is very important in Bram Stoker’s 1897 novel Dracula. Most famously it takes place in Transylvania, which was at that time part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire under the control of the Kingdom of Hungary. Also, Whitby […]

Romanian Vampires

I borrowed this picture from Transylvania Tours. If you visit their website, I’m sure they’ll fix you up with a trip to Romania to find out for yourself if vampires are real.  Dracula came from Romania, Transylvania in fact, though […]

English Vampires

English Vampires There are a surprisingly large number of English vampires recorded over the centuries. We saw in earlier posts that there were archaeological discoveries of skeletons from the Dark Ages in England that appear to have been buried with […]

The Symbolism of the Vampire

There is a quote by Ivan Phillips from his 2013 article, saying the figure of the vampire has …drifted and shifted through the pages of newspapers, travel journals, novels, poems, comics and plays for 300 years. Yet we have seen […]