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Haunted Cities: Edinburgh

Do ghosts belong to a place, or do we take them with us?  In favour of the first explanation is the fact that some cities just teem with ghosts. Ghost stories are falling over themselves to be told and heard and the spectral creatures themselves peer from the shadows as we walk by. These are the haunted cities of the world.

And I know you’ve read the ghost stories and seen the movies. You’ve maybe even bought a ghost guidebook or gone on a ghost tour, but wandering through the streets described on this website is a reward in itself: feel the history, feel the ages, the heavy atmosphere of those who have gone before us, of deeds done and crimes committed. Of lives lost and loves betrayed.

And we can sit in a small bar, sipping our drinks, safe in the warmth and sparkling lights, but from the corner of our eye we catch the figure of someone who shouldn’t be there.  Someone who makes the hairs stand up on the back of our necks.

The purpose of this website is simple: to help you go meet these certain someones in an old house or street, somewhere on the edge of your dreams – but by air, road, river or rail, easily in reach.